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Contact ManCave Memorabilia for your fundraising event.

T 650.922.0745


ManCave Memorabilia provides a Silent Auction Service free of charge.


We do all the work for you. Mancave Memorabilia is the true one-stop shop for Silent Auctions in the San Francisco Bay Area. No need for you to worry about a thing.


We set up, stand by throughout the event, clean up and take payment. We accept all major credit cards, Checks and Cash as a form of payment. All we need from you is the space to set up items. Remember this service is free to you.


We provide high quality memorabilia at a major discount to provide the best opportunity for you and your school or organization to make money. With every bid you make money. Each item has a starting bid. With one bid you automatically receive a $25.00 donation. Here is where you make some serious money. Every dollar amount bid over the starting bid goes to your cause or event as well.


For example:


Starting bid is $100.00 where the retail value is $300. If one bid is placed on the item you receive an automatic $25.00. If that item is bid up to $300, you receive the $25.00 and the additional $200.00 for a grand total of $225.00. And that's for just one item. The more items up for auction and the more bids received, the more money your event will generate.


Your donation:


We will provide a detailed spreadsheet of each item that did and did not receive bids, how much money you are owed and how much money we made from the event within 2 business days. We will then mail you a check with the entire donation from ManCave Memorabilia.


To book us for your event, please click here.

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