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ManCave Memorabilia offers a custom framing service.  We turn your favorite photos into beautifully customized memorabilia that your entire family can enjoy forever. We can create standard frames, frames with engraved metal name plates, matted frames, matted frames with custom etching, and we can encase items like balls, helmets, bats, cards, certificates, diplomas and more.


If you have a photo or an item you would like framed or encased in a professional manner at a reasonable price, please contact us.



ManCave Memorabilia has created a way to capture your child's accomplishments called "Glory Days". Whether it's sports, academics or any type of award, we want to help you preserve and proudly display your item.


We can frame many items including, but not limited to, pictures, balls, jerseys, certificates, medals or anything of sentimental value.


Bring your items to ManCave and we will create a custom frame with matting or a shadow box. We want to make your child feel like he/she is a star! We will help you create a piece of memorabilia that you, your child, and the whole family will cherish forever.




  • Shadow Boxes---please provide 8x10 photo and keepsake (ball, helmet, medal, etc.)

  • Single Picture Matted 8x10---please provide 8x10

  • Double Picture Matted 8x10's---please provide two 8x10's

  • Triple Picture Matted 8x10's---please provide three 8x10's

  • Professional Framing

  • Professional Matting

  • Name Plate engraving

  • Very affordable prices!


All of our "Glory Days" memorabilia pieces include name plate engraving and mat etching at no additional cost. Click here to get started.

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