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I am sending this e-mail to remind you that on November 5th there is an election in San Bruno for San Bruno City Council.

There are four people running for two seats. I am supporting Rico E. Medina for Re-Election for City Council. Rico has been a huge supporter for many San Bruno programs and is always available to listen to our concerns. Rico has been involved each and every year, not just during an election year.

This election is a unique situation where there are two Medina's on the ballot, so please remember to vote for Rico on the ballot. Rico reminded me that some time ago Ed Simon ran for City Council Re-Election and lost by 6 votes because people thought he was a shoe in and did not go out to vote.

I am asking for you to take time to forward this e-mail, tell your family and friends to support and vote for Rico E. Medina for Re-Election for City Council.Rico is third on the ballot and the right choice.

Tony Rohatch

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