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To frame, or not to frame?

How many of you out there have your memorabilia collection sitting in bins or boxes in a closet, or the garage? Do you go through your prized possessions from time to time and say, “Gosh I really have to get these framed”??!!.

As a collector it can be very frustrating to spend a large amount of money on a piece of memorabilia and know you will have to spend even more to have it framed. It does not make sense right? I found this to be very discouraging when I was collecting autographed 49er jerseys.

Before I started ManCave I had a collection of over 20 autographed jerseys from different 49ers. When I was finally ready to start framing, I got my Joe Montana Jersey and went to a local frame shop; I was quoted $500! So on to the next frame shop, which was $600 and very discouraging. I could not believe it. It was depressing. I knew there was no way I could frame all my jerseys in a decent amount of time, so I ended up selling off my entire collection.

One of my main goals when I opened ManCave Memorabilia was to make sure I could offer affordable framing to customers. I wanted to make sure when people purchased their prized pieces they could come to ManCave and get an affordable price whether it was a jersey, bat, photo or a custom piece.

Wherever you go to get your items framed make sure your getting what you pay for, ask questions or add input on what you would like, after all its going on your wall right??!!

Make sure you shop around and get the best deal including QUALITY and that you also trust them to do a great job! In the end you will be a happy customer and you can frame your next piece sooner than later because you did not get taken to the cleaners.

We will be posting our framing prices shortly - look for the announcement in our next newsletter!

Happy Framing and good luck!!!

Tony Rohatch, Owner

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