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The Benefits of Authentication | JSA

When we first opened our store, we did it with a goal of bringing quality, affordable and unique memorabilia to those most passionate about it. We have stuck to that goal years later. One of the things we can do for you is to help you with the value of your memorabilia.

This means helping educate our clients about why authentication is important and giving them a way to do it, with a reputable company. We love working with JSA and feel that they are leaders in the memorabilia authentication industry. Here is some information below to support that:

Benefits included with every JSA authenticated item:

  • JSA Letter's of Authenticity are guaranteed to be accepted by all collectors, dealers, and auction houses worldwide, or your submission fee will be reimbursed.

  • JSA is an approved autograph authenticator.

  • Increased value and a confident buyer for faster sale of autographed memorabilia.

  • JSA's extensive autograph exemplar database is second to none in the autograph industry.

  • Peace of mind that your memorabilia is deemed authentic and ready to be sold, passed along to a family member, or cherished forever.

  • Secure, virtually impossible to replicate proprietary watermark JSA Letter of Authenticity with corresponding high-resolution image and a unique alpha-numeric certification sticker.

  • Quick and simple online confirmation of your JSA certification number.

  • All JSA Letters of Authenticity are fully transferable without resubmission.

  • JSA's services are utilized by more major auction houses than any other autograph authentication company in the world.


James Spence Authentication, LLC was founded in Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania - May 2005 by world renowned autograph authenticator, James Spence, Jr. For over 30 years, Spence has built a reputation second to none in the autograph industry.

After several years of JSA's growing demand, the autograph authentication service needed to shift it's operation to Parsippany, NJ for better access to the NY/NJ market.

Employed by every major auction house in the country, JSA has accumulated a massive exemplar database totaling nearly 500,000 files. This extensive exemplar library is imperative for JSA autograph authetenticators to utilize when accuratley assessing the thousands of autographs submitted daily.

JSA opened it's first expansion office on August 31st 2012 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Current Services

JSA Letter of Authenticity (LOA): Highly sought after by collectors, dealers and hobbyists alike, the JSA LOA contains a digital color image of the item and live signature of autograph expert James Spence, which is whitnessed by a licensed notary public. Additional data collected may include quantity of signatures, manufacturer, make and/or model of the item. An LOA accompanies any item that passes the JSA authentication process.

A cerification label is placed either on the item or the letter (customer preference) with the corresponding number appearing on the LOA. A JSA LOA is accepted by any major auction house / dealer in the country and is viewed as THE letter to have when either displaying your prized possession or offering it online. To maximize the value and interest of your signed collectible, one should have a James Spence Authentication LOA.

Basic Cert Program: Popular among dealers and collectors alike, the Basic Cert employs the same valued authentication process to very lesser valued autographed items (JSA discretionary value of under $200.00). Included with the Basic Cert program is a 3" x 5" James Spence Authentication registration card printed with a unique certification number corresponding to the alpha-numeric tamper evident label. Of course, similar to the Letter of Authenticity, each certification number is uploaded into our exclusive database for 24-hour customer verification access. All Basic Cert cards are fully transferable without resubmission.

Submission fees begin at only $20, but do not exceed $30. An upgrade option is abailable to convert your Basic Cert to an LOA for a fee of only $15 per item. Dealers or collectors with large inventories / collections should inquire about JSA discounted rates and/or house calls by e-mailing us at

Source: JSA | Spence LOA

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